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Dear Superhero,

Thanks for joining our mission to save the world from boring presentations!

My name is Shannon and I’m the founder of Speech Party - a live online coaching and practice platform that’s inspired by science and designed to speedily develop public speaking skills.

For most people, public speaking doesn’t come naturally. This is especially true because the survival brain instinctively goes into fight-or-flight mode when standing in front of an audience, turning off the logical brain.

However, with the right training and practice…

ANYONE CAN LEARN TO master public speaking.

In fact, famous speeches - like the TED Talks that go viral - often have something surprising in common: the speaker practiced repeatedly with listeners who gave feedback. 

I've recreated this process online, developing a top secret sauce that speedily gives you public speaking superpowers.

Can't wait to hear you roar,



“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  • maya Angelou



public speaking
is a muscle...

A speaker who gives a presentation, without having practiced it effectively, is like Arnold Schwarzenegger entering a body building competition, without having spent time at a gym. 

There's incredible potential, but that alone doesn't make you strong.

Lack of EFFECTIVE practice is the BIGGEST reason why most presentations are boring.  I know firsthand because I used to be a boring presenter with intense stage fright.  Did I make a nice Powerpoint? Yes.  Did I practice?  Yes.  But, I also wasted a lot of time for mediocre results.  

After a decade of research, I've developed my top secret sauce that's saving the world from boring presentations.

I say it's the best practice method on the planet because it models the preparation method I discovered was at the core of the best presentations on the planet. 

It then condenses those best practices into the speediest, easiest, and most realistic training experience conveniently online for the busiest people.

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Speech Party Services:

Realistic online training


Inspired by the TED Talks that go viral, I use a preparation process that will build unstoppable confidence & unforgettable speeches.  This is all done with live audiences online!

science-based training


Gold fish officially have longer attention spans than humans!  I teach communication hacks inspired by neuroscience that keep listeners on the edge of their seats.  Our live online training makes it easy & fun to learn.

speed sessions


Speakers too often fail not because they have no talent, but because they have no time!  My solution: highly-effective speed training sessions that achieve exponential growth in a fraction of the time.