I'VE DEVELOPED A FORM OF SPEECH "CROWDSOURCING" ONLINE that allows you to prepare in half the time with double the confidence.


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There I stood on stage in front of a darkened audience, shaking from nervousness on the inside yet faking my confidence on the outside.  To top it off, i was wearing a goofy pink costume i made to look like a loofah (yes, that scrunchy sponge thing you use in the shower).  I thought that's what it would take to win. 

This was my first startup pitch competition.  My strategy was to be unusual and creative in order to get the prize: a trip to the national competition in Chicago where I could pitch my new skincare company (hence the loofah costume) to famous investors.  It just barely worked and I won our local event. 

I knew I had to up my game for nationals so I ditched the costume and opted to wow the audience by demonstrating my skincare product's natural ingredients and eating it on stage.  The unusual idea again helped me to move through a series of qualifying rounds, but public speaking was so difficult for me I had to practice repeatedly to ensure my nerves didn't get the best of me.  While everyone partied, I locked myself in my hotel room and barely slept the next few days to practice. 

The competition finally came to an end and exhausted and dazed, I heard them call my name as one of the chosen winners and then invite me on stage to receive a big check.  This was the moment I realized that being good at public speaking could change my life.  However, what I didn't realize at the time is that being a public speaker could be much easier and more enjoyable.  

Since then, Here's what I've learned:

  • Especially in our high-distraction world, any audience has a tough time staying engaged throughout any presentation because it requires tremendous physical energy to listen carefully. Specific science-based techniques can guarantee listeners are on the edge of their seats and no dorky pink costume is required.

  • Even though we talk every day, public speaking is like using a new muscle. With the right strength training, extreme fear can transform into genuine confidence and quiet personalities can command a room.

  • The best presentations on the planet, like the TED Talks that go viral, go through a specific process that involves strategy, practice and feedback that can be replicated and learned by ANYONE.

It would take almost a decade after winning this competition to identify why i won and develop a proprietary method that speeds up the learning curve required to master public speaking.

Drawing from my background in science, I studied neuroscience, body language, positive psychology and performance science to develop the secret sauce I now use to empower clients.  I have condensed all of the lessons from my experiments over the years into best practices that quickly take speakers from zero to public speaking hero.

Above all, if there's only 1 thing I would want you to remember after reading my story: you are truly a unicorn.  A magical, one-of-a-kind person that is unlike anyone else in this universe and therefore meant to say something in a way no one else can because it's inspired by your uniqueness and experiences.  Know that with some silly-simple strategies you can trumpet any message from the rooftops and make public speaking a party for all to enjoy.

In awe of your brilliance,

Founder of Speech Party