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How to become a Speech Party Host!

What are Speech Parties?

Speech Parties are events where our community meets to practice public speaking in a fun and highly-effective way.  The format is inspired by viral presentations.   Speed-learning results from practicing the right techniques (the things that audiences love) in the right way (in front of an audience who gives feedback).  The emphasis is on empowering each individual to find his or her own genuine voice.  Speaking from the heart trumps being a technically perfect speaker.

What does a Speech Party host do?

Speech Party hosts are in charge of organizing and facilitating Speech Parties in specific towns or cities.  They are masters of fun and encouragement, always willing to support their Speech Party family and dedicating their time to prepare and host ongoing events.  Each Speech Party host will host or co-host a local community or Speech Party chapter.

How does a Speech Party host know what events to organize?

Hosts work closely with the Speech Party global event coordinator to ensure each chapter has the necessary resources.  Speech Party events worldwide are based on template events provided by the Speech Party team.  The host can choose from a variety of suggested events and adapt it to the local chapter's needs and schedule.

Is a Speech Party host a paid position?

Not at the moment.  However, in the future it will be paid.  Right now, we want to encourage people to experience our communities and we're not collecting membership fees.  When we start collecting membership fees, the host will receive a percentage of the fees from members for their local chapter. The advantage of becoming a Speech Party host now is that the percentage will be higher in the future.  

What are the next steps?

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