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Super Speedy & Realistic Practice Online

Quick Facts:

- To attend this *live* online training, email:
- Cost: $10
- Important: Please note the calendar is scheduled in the time zone of Helsinki, Finland.  Here's a cool tool that makes it easy to calculate what time the event will take place where you are

What is "Speed Practice" most useful for?

- overcoming the fear of public speaking (in a highly-encouraging atmosphere)
- learning to speak in your authentic voice by not relying on a script
- boosting your adaptation skills (eg quick thinking on your feet) for high-pressure environments


Goal: To practice quick-thinking on our feet in front of an audience as well as getting comfortable and giving our best effort even if there's little time to prepare.

Useful for: General confidence when speaking and those times when we didn't expect to present.  Whether it's a group meeting at work and the CEO has us a say a few words about our project or we are surprised with an award, it demonstrates poise and confidence to be able to rise to the occasion.

Speech Length: 3 minutes

Preparation: None required.  You'll have 1 minute to prepare just prior to speaking.  Feel free to practice before the party on your own with random topics, giving yourself 1 min prep and 3 minutes of talk time. 

Materials Required:

  • A computer with a webcam
  • Notebook (suggested)

Feedback: What to do, what not to do and how to help your friends.  Click here to read more.


A Note on Time: Our goal is to make public speaking practice accessible to busy people.  Our agenda is fast-paced and the party will start and end on time to help people plan there day.  Please do your best to sign in early. 

Before the Speech Party

  • Your first Speech Party? Click on the link to the party room in the email you receive after you RSVP.  Doing a tech check before and familiarizing yourself with the party room helps us get started on time at the party (Time Required: 5-10 minutes).
  • 5 minutes before: sign in.  The last person to sign in is the first person to speak.

Speech Party Agenda (Max Length: 1 hour)

  • 10 minutes: Welcome & Ice Breaker
  • 40 minutes: Themed Public Speaking Practice
  • 10 minutes: Lessons Learned & Thank you