"You cannot learn how to react under pressure... without practice" - Tim Ferriss    

Teams live and breath their job, but do they speak it?  Executive Masterminds simultaneously strengthen communication power muscles for individual team members, while empowering the collective voice of the brand.



When teams strengthen their communication muscles together, they become unstoppable forces when innovating, collaborating, negotiating, selling, and operating as unique individuals within a unit working towards the same goal.  With Executive Masterminds, everyday communication and important conversations are redefined.



Executive Masterminds are corporate masterminds formed within companies.  They can include individuals all from the same team, like the executive team or the sales team, or from a variety teams.


When: They are scheduled in 60-90 minute sessions twice a month or according to the group's needs.  

Where: They are hosted at the company location or online.


They provide an on-site workout program for power communication muscles in a series of learn-by-doing meetups as well as realistic practice for high-stakes communication, like negotiation.


The voices of team members combine and collectively they become the voice of the brand.  By strengthening power muscles, teams maximize innovation, productivity, daily happiness and performance.



Up to 80% of our day at work can be spent on communication and, as research shows, when we forget over 80% of what we hear, communication is identified as one of the most inefficient aspects of our business day. 

Executive Masterminds create communication consciousness in the workplace.  This means we upgrade our instinctive habits with new power muscles and re-examine the most fundamental skill in our professional lives.  Masterminds is a team-building opportunity and unifies team members around the voice of the company, while at the same time celebrating and incorporating team members' unique and genuine voices that reflect the diversity of talent. 


How we communicate is either adding to or subtracting from who we are as an individual and as a team in 3 important ways.

1.  How people see us...
What we say and how we say it is really the only way clients and colleagues can sense who we are and what we are capable of.  The opinion they form is important because it precedes all decision making and action.  Good ideas are not acted on if they are not well articulated.  To drive innovation and action within a company, power communication muscles ensure everyone can speak their brilliance.

2. How we affect people...
In addition to driving action through well-articulated ideas, we also deeply affect people with the emotional element of communication.  Communication conveys emotions and and those emotions are contagious, making people work harder and smarter or making an experience unpleasant and unproductive.  In high-intensity work environments, understanding how words connect to emotion and motivation can take collaboration and productivity to the next level, while boosting the mood and work atmosphere on a daily basis.

3. How we affect ourselves...
Teams are made of talented individuals from all walks of life with a diversity of knowledge.  The magic behind legendary companies is that these teams are applying their full talent everyday.  What's interesting is how research shows our internal dialogue affects how much of our talent we apply.  Even specific word choices will make us more likely to follow through on a task.  Because our internal dialogue is closely related to performance, we examine how we can better bring out our talents by shaping what we say to ourselves.

Executive Masterminds maximize team talent by optimizing our external and internal dialogue.  When we understand how the quality of communication is like the background music in a movie, we realize how we can use it to tap into full potential of teams.



In addition to rocketboosting team talent, Executive Masterminds establish team protocols for rapid preparation and practice outside of Tribal Meetups.  This means there's a system in place that team members can use to speed up the process of preparing communication content for negotiations, presentations, important conversations, etc. and then practicing that content in a realistic setting.  This creates an internal system for all communication creation that even mirrors some aspects of the system Steve Jobs used to prepare Apple Keynotes.



To get started, we recommend our introductory program that guides 10 team members through a series of 3 Tribal Meetups.

What to expect:

  • An eye-opening perspective about the reality of communication, explaining why our instinctive habits hold us back professionally and personally
  • 3 learn-by-doing Tribal Meetups that begin the strengthening process of hidden communication power muscles with a related 5 minute daily workout to maintain progress
  • Practical strategies, based on science, that give team members tools to rethink everyday communication as well as presentations, negotiations, etc.
  • New system: team approach for preparing quickly and realistically practicing high-stakes communication
  • The opportunity to empower the voice of the brand by introducing a communication consciousness that can also increase daily happiness, innovation and productivity