Our International Business Services are available
in person for our clients in Berlin, Germany
and online for our international clients. 


English Language Training

Developing public speaking skills and learning English are closely related.  Speech Party uses the same insights from neuroscience to speed up the language learning process for a fun and highly-effective experience.  

English Lunch & Learn Sessions

For busy professionals, we offer English language training at lunch during the busy workweek.  Lessons feature the highly-effective Speech Party method. 

Intercultural Training

In our diverse world, cultural similarities and differences play an important role in communication.  Speech Party helps clients prepare for presentations, negotiations, interviews, and general business meetings by providing intercultural training in conjunction with our communications training.

Accent Reduction

Our mother tongue shapes the way we speak new languages.  Using methods similar to how actors prepare for character roles, Speech Party's accent reduction services help clients speak according to the characteristics of the accent they wish to adopt.