When you're busy, preparation is quicker with a team:

When you (a) have little time to prepare or (b) are so immersed in your material, it helps to have someone to just listen and provide a fresh perspective on what works for the speech.

We're not here to coach you (although we can) we're here to share with you how we, as an audience, understood the content and what might have been unclear.

Yes, we're trained.  We love the science of public speaking and we know the universal things that work in presentations. 

But, we're also human, and we get bored as easily as your audience will. 

It's definitely ok to start with a dry presentation and to use Speech Party to tweak it to be more engaging in the fastest way.  We don't make a big deal out of feedback because we recognize it's the fastest way to prepare.

Practicing boring and unclear material wastes precious time.

We give constructive feedback.  Our goal isn't to find what's wrong, but to find everything that's right or how to get it there with minor tweaks.  There is a big difference between this and criticism, which we never give. 

When you're the president, you have a team at your fingertips to help you craft your message.  You're extremely busy and their feedback produces the final presentation speedily. 

We're your team at your fingertips to help you focus on the things that work in your presentation or to test out material.

Our community takes the approach that feedback early saves time and maximizes value.  We have the expectation that feedback will be a part of the process of preparing.