About the Theme


Goal: to present an opinion in a way that compels the audience to agree with it.  Develop and practice techniques that motivate the audience to adopt a specific belief or even take action.

Useful for: Professionals presenting a new business strategy or idea to their team.  Perhaps, in a scenario where they would lead this new effort.  On a more one-on-one level, asking for a raise, a promotion or negotiating.  Educators emphasizing the importance and relevance of a particular topic.

Speech Length: 4 minutes

Preparation: Required.  You'll receive the specific topic to prepare for in the invitations.  Reminder: you can always substitute work material for the suggested topic, if you are needing to practice an upcoming presentation. 

Materials Required:

  • A computer with a webcam
  • A notebook (suggested).

Feedback: What to do, what not to do and how to help your friends.  Click here to read more.



Speech Party Agenda & Instructions

A Note on Time: Our goal is to make public speaking practice accessible to busy people.  Our agenda is fast-paced and the party will start and end on time to help people plan there day.  Please do your best to sign in early.  For those who want to network and continue the party, we invite you to the after-party

Before the Speech Party

  • Your first Speech Party? Click on the link to the party room in the email you receive after you RSVP.  Doing a tech check before and familiarizing yourself with the party room helps us get started on time at the party (Time Required: 5-10 minutes).
  • 5 minutes before: sign in.  The last person to sign in is the first person to speak.

During the Speech Party (Max Length: 1 hour)

  • 10 minutes: Welcome & Ice Breaker
  • 40 minutes: Themed Public Speaking Practice
  • 10 minutes: Lessons Learned & Thank you

After the Speech Party

  • After-party