What We Do

We're a community - more like a family -  dedicated to speed-learning public speaking.  We combine the power of crowdsourcing with the power of cutting-edge neuroscience to rocketboost the way we prepare, practice and experience presentations. 
Our online and offline communities are invitation-only.  


The Power of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the future of creative thought. 
We create environments inspired by Steve Jobs' Apple Keynotes and viral TED Talks for rapid practice
and feedback with test audiences.

Here's why:

It was recently discovered viral presentations
have one thing in common: the speakers repeatedly practice with people who give feedback. 

We've created an extremely convenient version of this style of preparation with our online and offline test audiences
and call it: presentation crowdsourcing. 

Practice under pressure ensures performance under pressure, but also crowdsourcing is the future of creative thought:
read about how a 10 year mystery
was solved in 3 weeks using crowdsourcing.

The Power of Neuroscience

Neuroscience helps us hack the traditional approach
to public speaking because cutting-edge research shows us what maximizes audience attention and engagement
in our low-attention-span world. 

Here's why:

3 out 4 people have a fear of public speaking
and it turns out our brains are wired to make us feel
nervous when we stand on stage. 

Additionally, today's audiences process
information differently and are easily distracted
in our fast-paced, high-tech world.

New scientific discoveries are positioned
to revolutionize the way we give presentations,
enabling us to not only maximize our confidence in front of an audience but also to hack the audience's boredom. 



You need us when:

You have an upcoming presentation.

You are an entrepreneur.


You want to rocketboost your professional and personal relationships.

How to get Started

We offer a variety of free and paid services that all focus on learning and practicing public speaking in the most effective way.  We encourage you to get involved as much as possible to experience all that Speech Party has to offer.

When we're not saving the world from boring presentations, we're supercharging our everyday conversations to create amazing professional and personal relationships using what we learn and practice at Speech Parties.  Therefore, Speech Party goes beyond helping people to prepare upcoming presentations and also serves as a personal development tool.

Like a team of athletes, we're dedicated to inspiring each other to work out our public speaking muscles to be ready for game day.

We invite you to join us at our 24/7 party online and often in-person
for daily inspiration and advice with mini-workouts from the world’s public speaking Yodas.

These are our free communities

these are our paid services: crowdsourcing & Coaching

Join our monthly speech parties
in Berlin, NYC or live online

We meet in person in Berlin & NYC. 
AND, for everyone everywhere else in the world,
we meet on Skype Group Chat.