Listeners forget over 80% of what they hear and, in the past decade, human attention spans have dropped below gold fishes' (9 sec).  Our communication instincts need an upgrade in a high-tech, easily-bored world. 


Welcome to the party that redefines communication in 2015! Inspired by famous TED Talks and new science, Speech Party is more than public speaking training.  We use lessons from the best communicators to empower our voice everyday, strengthening muscles we never learned about in school and essential to our professional and personal success.

Anti-Boring Test
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Practicing for a presentation or a pitch alone?  Try this, inspired by crowdsourcing, instead!  You're speech will be analyzed according to our anti-boring formula and you'll get helpful feedback, guaranteed.  

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Speech Scientist Coaching
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Public speaking is the ultimate personal development tool because it empowers YOUR voiceSpeedily develop your skills with the Speech Party method, based on communication neuroscience.  Read More

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What is Speech Party?


We're a community - more like a family - dedicated to
becoming anti-boring superheroes by empowering our words.

We use creative crowdsourcing & insights from science to speed up progress at our parties online and around the world.

The Problem We Solve:

As you read this, somewhere in the world right now, someone is sitting in a presentation and instead of listening, is surfing the internet on a smartphone.  This someone could even be you.

What makes people bored during presentations or in any conversation?

According to new neuroscience, listening is hard work for the brain.  A "boring" presentation or conversation simply means the audience has to work too hard to listen.

We feel these are missed opportunities for knowledge exchange, collaboration and inspiration.  More importantly, public speaking and speaking, in general, is a way for individuals to find their voice and to share a message unique to them and their experiences.

Speech Party helps the world speak its messages powerfully anytime anywhere by making it fun to listen.


Speech Party started with a question:
is there a scientific formula to being *not* boring?

To find the answer, we decided the best place to start would be
to study the exceptions: the presentations that go viral.

We were thrilled when we found 2 things common to all viral presentations because it suggested there was a formula that would produce viral
(or, at the very least, not boring) presentations. 

What thrilled us even more is that these elements were found off stage as well - in any social setting where people were considered to be charismatic.  What we understand now is there is a universal language that people don't speak instinctively and, when learned, empowers the speaker's genuine voice and unique message in any setting.

New research in cognitive neuroscience explains why these 2 elements are powerful and are common to viral presentations as well charismatic people.

Here are the 2 common ingredients we identified
in viral presentations and that we combine for
Speech Party's anti-boring formula:





The Speaker Communicated Using Brain Candy

The first element is what we define as Brain Candy and we use it to describe a very specific list of techniques audiences love.  Legendary speakers use lots of brain candy to communicate their message.  Examples included, stories that kept you on the edge of your seat, humor, visuals, etc.

The Speaker Prepared the Speech Using Crowdsourcing

The second element is what we define as Crowdsourcing and it describes how the speakers prepared.  Instead of practicing alone, they repeatedly gave their speech to people who offered feedback.  This helped them to feel more comfortable in front of an audience and to edit their speech content.

We wanted to create speed-learning environments for busy professionals, inspired by what we learned, and that's how Speech Parties were born.

In an effort to foster the most supportive communities, we've made them invitation only and ask that you fill out a short application to be invited.

Steve Jobs as the Poster Child for Exciting Presentations

Apple's #1 Rank on the Stock Market can be attributed to Steve Jobs' charisma on stage.  Was he born with his legendary skills or did he develop them over time? 
Find out by watching his story unfold as a speaker, starting with a video from 1980: