Learning-by-Doing Workshops

Workshop 1: Public Speaking Masterclass

Public speaking is tough.  As a speaker, the challenge is to: 

  • Overcome the natural fear we all feel on stage 
  • Be memorable and entertaining with easily-bored audiences 
  • Share our unique knowledge and wisdom in a meaningful way

This learning-by-doing workshop builds a muscle memory for things like feeling confident under pressure, giving presentations that "wow" your audience with lessons from TED Talks that go viral and preparing speedily with a busy schedule (inspired by Steve Jobs).  Download the flyer here or contact Shannon@SpeechParty.com for more information.

Workshop 2:  Communications 2.0 - Upgrading our Message for 2015

Everyday communication is something we do daily - yet we've become numb to the power of our words.  We have hidden communication muscles that we don't use instinctively that benefit our professional and personal life.  There is growing body of research that directly connects our ability to communicate to

  • How much money we make 
  • Leadership positions and promotions 
  • The quality of the relationships with the people in our life
  • Happiness (wow!)

This learning-by-doing workshop emphasizes a communication consciousness that redefines communication in 2015.  It fosters knowledge exchange within teams and uncovers unsparked talent and collaboration.  Download the flyer here or contact Shannon@SpeechParty.com for more information.

Living somewhere else other than Germany?  We have ongoing workshop online.

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